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Youth Dance Education

Miss Mary started Green Dance Academy to continue the 45 years of dance tradition set by MKSOD. She adds in her own knowledge and experiences to enrich your dancer’s experience.


known as the building block of all dance is characterized by fluid and precise movements done in “turned out” positions. This graceful, meticulous art form uses French terms and is considered the foundational style of all dance technique


is characterized by sharp, musical sounds created by the feet of a dancer wearing shoes with metal plates attached to the heels and toes


was once considered any style of dance that could be performed to Jazz music but has evolved to fit hard hitting or upbeat music and is recognizable by the use of technique with a ballet base


dance combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements and is defined by its athletic character, unique choreography, and seamless blending dance and acrobatics


percussive step dance where a dancer produces rhythmic sounds from steel double taps positioned on the heel and toe of the shoe, usually the movements are made to the downbeat, while the heel keeps the rhythm
Dance Theater

combines dance with theatrical methods of performance which intentionally references reality.

Hip Hop

was cultivated outside of dance studios alongside Hip Hop music and culture. As the primary choreographed style for music videos, the entertainment aspect of Hip Hop has made it the most popular genre outside of the dance world


began as a dance genre that combined Ballet technique and Jazz movement and has progressed into musicality and emotion driven performances


initially focused on freedom of movement and expression, now Modern choreography is often created with the intention of telling a story or representing a thought


is a classical ballet technique where a ballet dancer supports all body weight on the tips of fully extended feet within pointe shoes, giving the appearance of weightlessness

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